Monday, July 9, 2012

Saturday, May 5…It begins…

Everything was going as planned. It was so amazing. I went to bed on Friday night and set my alarm for 9 am. I had planned to get breakfast in the morning, relax and be ready for hair and makeup to arrive at 11 am.

All was well…until 7 am. I was dead asleep when the fire alarm started going off in the suite. The alarm went off twice very loudly and then a voice came over the microphone saying there a fire alarm in our area or on our floor had gone off. They said to please stay in your room until hotel personnel notified you otherwise.

At the sound of the two large alarms, Ashley and I sat straight up in the bed at the exact same time. We both scrambled out of bed and started running around. I started planning getting all these girls out of the suite safely knowing we were on the top floor of this hotel. Then I started thinking about what items we should take with us if we have to evacuate. I thought of my wedding dress and a couple of other random things.

I stopped into the “guest” room of the suite to check on the four girls asleep in there. They barely noticed the alarm and were mostly sleeping. Then I started looking for Ashley. I had lost her. I could not find her anywhere in the suite and started freaking out a bit. Then just as I started to really search, she came bounding up the stairs. When I had asked her where she went she said she went to the bathroom downstairs because if we had to evacuate she knew she would not be able to get the bathroom for a while and she had to go. We are so different! :)

The fire alarms were still blinking in the suite and I went to look outside into the hallway for signs of fire and or emergency personnel. I saw about 4 to 5 hotel managers and staff rounding a corner with ladders and walkie talkies.

I followed them as I was trying to figure out if I should get all those girls down to the ground floor to safety. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins. I had to save my bridesmaids, family and wedding dress. I follow them down this hall…


and around that corner to find this:

When I saw it the first time there was one gentlemen on the ladder looking up, two managers and one gentlemen on a walkie talkie.  I heard the man say on the walkie talkie, “You can turn off the alarm. The bathtub in the suite on the floor above must have overflowed and water is dripping down from the ceiling. The water must have set off the alarm.”

Whew. No fire. Thank God.
Just a little, adrenaline, and two less hours of awesome sleep.

With this new news, I head back to the suite to give the ladies an update. Only Ashley and I were really VERY awake. All the noise of us running around the suite had woken Sabrina up (who was sleeping on the sofa and did not hear the alarm at all.)

In an effort to help everyone understand how my wedding day started we grabbed the little video recorder Bridefilm had given me to use at my leisure to record us running around the hallway. We also took a few pictures.

Happy Wedding Day!


Ashley, Sabrina and I talked for a bit and decided to try to get a little more sleep once we calmed back down. I think I got a little more sleep, but that fire alarm really did a number on me. Like I needed more excitement on my wedding day! Sheesh.

After getting a bit more sleep, I started packing up some items I wanted downstairs for Collin to photograph. I picked up my perfume bottle, my mom’s perfume bottle and a few other items. I realized I forgot to grab something out of the bathroom and dropped all the items in my hands on the bed. When they all fell together, I heard a big crack and realized my perfume bottle had hit my mothers (which is perfume that is not made anymore- Charles of the Ritz-  and she only had 2 bottles left…) and cracked my mom’s perfume bottle. The crack opened up and my mothers precious perfume started to pour out on the bed. I grabbed it quickly to save as much as I could and started yelling for help.

Amanda, Ashley and a few others ran into the room to assist me in saving as much perfume as possible. Amanda poured the remaining perfume in a water bottle as I lamented that the irreplaceable perfume is the one I broke instead of my perfume which I could get anywhere.

As I started cleaning up the mess on the bed, I realized I had broken the bottle of perfume over the shirt Doug had planned to wear that day. Well Crap. It was SO STRONG. Our next mission was to get the smell out of doug’s shirt as much as possible. I washed it multiple times in the sink with different detergents. It was not working well. I kept washing….and washing.

Finally, after washing it about 10 times it did not smell too strongly of perfume. Sarah helped me dry it and Amanda took pictures to remind us how our morning started:

After these two mishaps, the ladies started arriving for official wedding prep. Everyone kept asking why Sarah and I were drying a t-shirt with hair dryers. :) Janessa was working her magic in the kitchen. The day was about to get crazy.

I knew if these were the only two things that went wrong, it would be a great day. 

To be continued.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. For you, fire alarms; for me, a mouse. Both were things we'll never forget! And I didn't know you took video of the crazy morning....not going to post it???

  2. The video was on Bridefilm's recorder. I don't have a copy of it....yet :)