Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday, May 4, Part III – The Bridal Suite prep and bedtime.

There are so many reasons to brag on my bridesmaids and girlfriends. They were so awesome. Not only did they work well together, but they created friendships and some still keep in touch. They are each so different, but all got along so well. Not only did they get along well, but there was no drama at all. I am so blessed!

When we got back to the suite at 8:15 pm, everyone started decorating and Ashley started steaming as it became her job and mission to make sure everyone was wrinkle free.


There was an issue moving the desk, but never fear! Amanda and Sabrina took care of it. We wanted to move the desk for to set up for hair and makeup the following day, but the desk was wired not to move…or so they thought! :)

The transportation tyrant finished up her last minute checks!479475

More décor was placed and Ashley was still steaming:

Rocky got kissed! (Rocky was my wedding day mascot!)

The Bridal Suite sign was placed on the door:

And we took our final photos of the night. Amanda’s camera has a setting where it will take 5 photos in a row. We found this to be very fun at the bachelorette weekend and took the opportunity to take one last group photo (5 times)!


Ladies, thank you for everything! You are all such wonderful friends! While not all of the girls were staying in the suite, they did stay with me until 10 pm. (Even 7 months pregnant Jenni!) Thank you so much for staying with me until 10 pm. I loved this “last ladies night” with you! (I am so glad Jackie was able to join us for a little while! Thank you for stopping by!)

As you can see I was dressed in my PJ’s and after this photo I went to bed and I actually feel asleep. I could hear the girls downstairs having fun and I loved how much they loved each other. I woke up briefly when Ashley came to bed at midnight (as she had just finished all the steaming!! and did have a little fun grilling Amanda’s beau). Luckily, I fell back asleep around 12:30 am and set my clock to sleep until 9 am. I was so excited to get so much rest! OR THAT WAS MY PLAN…

You will never guess what happened at 7 am on the wedding day. I will tell you tomorrow.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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