Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ceremony–Part II– May 5, 2012

Then it was time for the vows! Here are some photos, but the best way to relive some of the vows is by watching the video by Bridefilm here.


We were officially husband and wife!

The mass then moved into the concretion. During the concretion, we had to kneel. As we knelt, I remembered Doug’s shoes. Doug had a little surprise on the bottom of his shoes for the whole church to see. Once we knelt down, the whispering started. In all the whispering I could hear people saying “shoes”.

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Doug honored his parents (and me) by putting “April Fools?” on the bottom of his shoes. He fooled his parents on a fake engagement on April fools in 2008 and proposed to me on April fools in 2011. Father Bruno also referenced his April Fools trickery during the homily. Doug actually said to me during the homily, “it is like he is setting up my shoes”. Giggles ensued again.

We then moved into the sign of peace it was time to give the holy mother her flowers (which was very different – we gave her a flower pillow with one lady slipper to match my bouquet and doug’s boutonniere. I wanted to give Mary a little something more than just a white rose.)

After praying with doug and Mary, we headed to give our mothers gifts. We gave them something different also. We wanted to give them something they could keep and use forever instead of a flower. Over a year before theimage_thumb[8] wedding, we purchased both of them a Mignon Faget pelican for a few reasons. The pelican is the Louisiana State Bird, it is the symbol of mothers and represents the Catholic Church. A pelican will pierce it’s heart to feed it’s young if there is no food. It is ultimate sacrifice for it’s children – just like Jesus.

(About 4 months before the wedding I noticed my mom wearing a pelican! I was shocked! I told her what we had planned and she said I could still give it to her, but I decided to get her the Mignon Bunny instead. When we went to give her the gift during mass, I told her it was the bunny, and she acted upset and said she wanted the pelican. I looked at her shocked and she said, “just kidding!” Oh man. Never a dull moment. I am sure there is a picture of my shocked face somewhere. :) You got me Mom!)



Doug and I went back to the alter and Fr. Bruno finished blessing the body and blood. We were the first to get communion and stood to see everyone as they came up for a blessing or communion. It was a great time to see everyone present to see us get married.

Before the final blessing, doug looked up and I am just going to pretend he was thanking God for me:


After the final blessing, it was time for us to process out. We led the procession and did one step back in honor of my dad and I.


Everything was perfect! There was lots of laughing and fun during mass. It was the most fun ceremony I had ever been to. Father Bruno had to immediately leave as his sister-in-law was in labor with his first nephew at that moment. Later that night, she gave birth to healthy baby boy. Thank you Father Bruno for sticking it out for our wedding!

Officially husband and wife!


We lead the procession out of church at which I was informed there was an issue with the second line permit and police. Evidently, there was a time mix up and the police would be back in ten minutes…oh boy…

Next up: The Second Line!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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