Friday, September 21, 2012

A wedding gift arrives!

Ashley, Andrew, Janessa and Matthew’s wedding gift arrived at The Shack. Ashley came over with a basket…

full of envelopes labeled by the month. This creative crew bought us a date a month for a year! There are many rules associated with this gift.

1. You must take at least 5 photos on each date.
1.1 You must select the date on the day you open the envelope.
2. You must open the date envelope on the first day of the month.
3. You must open the envelope together and alone. (meaning only us two)
4. You must only complete the dates alone – no third wheels.
5. Each of you must write in the date journal after the date is completed.
6. Have fun!

Since Ashley delivered the basket on the first of June, we were allowed to open June after Ashley left.  I will save the June date for a post later as it happened later in the month.

It is such a creative and awesome gift! You kids are too much. We love it and you will get to see each date as they unfold. We have followed most of the rules so far, but I will try to be better about rule number 5!

Thank you all so much for this thoughtful, amazing gift. We LOVE you all.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie (and Doug)


  1. How cool is this???? So fun and creative! Mad props to you, Ashley and Janessa :)

  2. SOOO glad you two are enjoying it! Mucho props to Ashley for introducing the idea - we had fun running with it :) Looking forward to the detailed monthly date info!