Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fitbit–The Wedding Version

I was so pumped to see how many steps I was walking the wedding week that I did not take a step without the Fitbit on my body.

On Thursday, May 3, we packed up and moved into the JW (in eight cars). That day we walked all around to the rehearsal dinner spot, to the church, getting ready and back to the hotel.

On Friday, May 4, we walked to Arnaud’s for the bridal luncheon and tea, back to the hotel, and all over the hotel/suite.

On Saturday, May 5, we were up at 7 am with the fire alarm going off, I was all over the suite, walked all over Jackson Square, and experienced the wedding and reception.

Screen Shot 2012-06-17 at 4.29.07 PM

I only had one meltdown/freak out on the wedding day. It was when I finally got into the wedding dress and could not feel the Fitbit on my body. I panicked because I wanted all my stats on the wedding day and sent the bridesmaids in a tizzy all over the suite to find the “lost” Fitbit. After about 2 minutes of looking, I asked Ashley to check to see if it was on my body and I just could not feel it though the wedding dress. To my relief, it had been there the whole time! The dress was so thick I could not feel it under my skirt!

image image

( SO COOL- If you look at the calories burned by time you can clearly see the fire alarm going off at 7 am, the walk to Arnaud’s at 11:15 am, walking around Jackson Square around 4 pm, the short walk up the aisle at 6 pm for the wedding, the second line at 7:15 pm, and all the dancing from 7:30 to 10:30 pm.)

In total, from Thursday to Saturday, I walked almost 33 miles! Check it out!

Doug’s Fitbit update on the wedding day would have blown mine out of the water, but he forgot to charge it the night before the wedding. Doug ran from The Shack to the JW the day of the wedding (just over 8 miles) and before he got to the hotel, his fitbit died. It counted 14,108 when it died at 10:30 am. Had it been charged, I bet he would have had a 30k day!

I am still obsessed with my Fitbit. I check my data all the time and I try to get 10k steps every single day. I love my fitbit.  If you want to get one (and give us credit for recommending it to you) here it he button: fitbit banner

More Fitbit updates to come…

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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