Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making a home for two!

Upon return home from relaxing, we were ready to tackle the move. When we got home, we had to swap Sarah and Doug’s rooms (Sarah was to become Ashley’s new roommate and Doug was moving in with me.) Before we started moving his stuff, we moved all my stuff in preparations of painting the walls!

When married couple moves in together, they should paint to make it theirs, right? Sure…

Here we go! We set up our queen bed in the dining room and moved all the stuff in my old bedroom (turning into the office) into the middle of the room so we could paint the walls.

Doug went to Lowes to purchase the paint we selected, but upon arriving he found out we chose colors from a brand not sold at Lowes. So he made some executive decisions and bought some paint…IMG_0037IMG_0041

The bedroom went from pale blue to vibrant blue. It is a little lighter/brighter than I had hoped, but it works.

A day later, we emptied Doug’s room and put all his stuff in the living room/new blue office. We moved all of Sarah’s stuff to Doug’s old bedroom at Ashley’s place. Once all of her items were out of her old room, we cleaned and painted it green.
Kinda neon, huh? Do not fret…Here is what it actually looks like:IMG_0048

A few weeks later Mom and Dad’s wedding gift arrived, A KING SIZE BED! It is the most amazing gift. There is plenty of room for Doug, Normandy Beach, Kit/Animal/Hoodrat and I! “After” photos coming later.

Life is amazing!
Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Just tell DB you need something from Tiffany's to match that blue, and all will be well. :) Love the green, too!