Friday, September 14, 2012

Our first full day married!

The day after the wedding, we loaded up about 10 cars worth of stuff and headed to The Shack. Upon arrival, we stacked all the stuff in the house and headed out to the Crawfish Boil being thrown for us by Shawn and Lauren (the best man and his awesome wife).

I guess we were pictured out because I actually have ZERO photos from the crawfish boil! We got to hang out with some out of town guests and spend quality time with loved ones. Thank you to Shawn and Lauren for throwing it for us and thank you to everyone who came and hung out with us!

When we left Shawn and Lauren’s house we headed to The Shack to deal with the mess we had left…


Note the photo above – I cleaned the entire living room with the lights on and Sabrina knocked out. She was so exhausted! We all were really, but Doug and I were leaving in the morning for our mini-moon and I really wanted to get the house in order. And so I cleaned…and cleaned… until it looked like this:


Now that I look at it, it does not look much different, but I promise it was!

Doug also had his first husband duty. It was so exciting I felt the need to take a picture of it! Here is Doug leveling the washing machine. I have SUCH an AMAZING husband! Look at him go!


Well done Doug! :) I am still impressed he took on such a manly duty after only being married ONE DAY! heh.

Next Up: The Mini-Moon!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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