Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baily Grace’s Baby Shower in Memphis

In May, we had the opportunity to attend a baby shower for Doug’s sister, Jenni in Memphis. Jenni knew she was having a little girl and was going to name her Bailey Grace.

We arrive in Memphis loaded down with gifts!
(I might have gone a little overboard:))

On the day of Jenni’s shower, Doug was charged with making the fruit display and he did an AMAZING job.

I worked on décor with DJ (Doug’s Mom):

(This is a wreath I made for Jenni and Bailey Grace!)

While the men did manly things:

and the shower began…
Here is the stack of gifts they got! They had so much baby gear!IMG_0176

and I was silly…

It really was a great shower! DJ did a fabulous job. There was one funny moment when I thought I won baby lotto…here is my ticket…


You were suppose to pull down the tabs and if you get three of a kind, you win. I yelled that I won and was handed a prize only to figure out later that I did not look close enough. I had 2 of the same! I admitted my mistake and gave my prize back. It was really a funny moment. Later, Uncle Chris (Craig’s brother) won for real. :) It does not sound that funny, but that is because I am not doing it justice. Maybe Doug can explain why it was funny.

We loved being in town for Jenni’s shower. It was really fun. We also made FRITATAS while we were there. If you see DJ, get her to say Fritatas for you :)


Love and Hugs, Lizzie

P.S. Bailey Grace was actually born in July. Here is the post about her being born!

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