Thursday, May 23, 2013

A+A’s Engagement Party – The Finale

As I said yesterday, the bridesmaids that could make the party and Ashley went into the front room for picture or two. 2013-04-27_20-04-03_DSCN0379

Of course, we had to be silly…

Then we wanted a picture with Andrew, but someone suggested we hold him up..and so this happened…. 2013-04-27_20-05-19_DSCN0384 2013-04-27_20-05-35_DSCN0385 2013-04-27_20-05-42_DSCN0386

I just love his face….he is so thrilled. Pretty sure I had the bulk of the weight… :)


Then, the photo session really began…

2013-04-27_21-06-19_DSCN0423 2013-04-27_21-06-32_DSCN0424 2013-04-27_21-00-37_DSCN0405 2013-04-27_21-00-58_DSCN0406 2013-04-27_21-01-45_DSCN0410 2013-04-27_21-02-42_DSCN0412 2013-04-27_21-03-36_DSCN0414

Prospector photo! Kelsey did it!

Real love…
 2013-04-27_21-05-44_DSCN0421 2013-04-27_21-06-10_DSCN0422

It was a fabulous night. I am so glad everyone had a great time. We sure did. Congrats A+A! We love you!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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