Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A+A’s Engagement Party – The Prep

Weeks before A+A’s party, Sarah, Doug and I went for a walk. I was talking about the party and we started brainstorming about themes for their party. Sarah had the winning idea: The Movies! We immediately called Mom and she loved it. She had some great ideas and the more we talked about it, the better it sounded.

We would make a “premier sign”, popcorn bins with flowers that looked like popcorn, clapperboards, gourmet popcorn bar, “movie posters” and cardboard cut outs of A+A! We were so excited. The weeks went on and we worked on the event…

A week before the party we had to make the “movie posters” from their pictures. Doug was assigned this task and here is what we came up with:

TheProposal  boyzinthehood DateNightFaceOff
Three'sCompany FreakyFriday 
DisneyBattle Godfather IBelieveICanFly ironman PrincessAndFrog

I printed them, framed them and packed them up so they would not see them. We knew the framed pictures would be a hit.

Fast forward to the night of the engagement party. Aunt Donna offered her house so we all arrived there that afternoon for prep work.
2013-04-27_14-26-33_DSCN0317 2013-04-27_14-27-04_DSCN0319
2013-04-27_14-27-51_DSCN0320 2013-04-27_14-26-17_DSCN0316

After we prepped the food, we sent Ashley and Andrew upstairs to put out the final surprise decorations and allow time for all of us to clean up and get ready.

2013-04-27_15-56-40_DSCN0322 2013-04-27_15-56-34_DSCN0321

Girls always take longer to get ready so the boys chilled till it was time to get pretty.

Next post: THE PARTY.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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