Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1 Year of Awesomeness

Doug and I’s actual anniversary (5.5) occurred the day after our big Cinco de Mayo party.  We did not have an official plan for the day when we started it. I know, I know…hard to believe, but it is true.

We woke up to quite a post party messy house (as you can see in the photos). We took a few minutes to tidy up and stand in awe of the quantity of tortillas left. (Weeks later and I just now feel we have put a dent in the tortillas…

We decided that breakfast burritos were in order. We invited Sarah and Amber over and served the most delicous breakfast burritos I have ever eaten. Soon after we decided we needed CAKE! We got a big slice of our “new” cake and proceeded to celebrate our anniversary with dessert.  

We had a lazy day and that afternoon we decided to get some steps in. We went for a walk on the levee. I had to bring my camera to capture all we did that day.


During our walk, we decided our plan of action to make the day special. We would go to Mass at Immaculate Conception, second line (or just walk) to the JW and go up to the reception site. If there was an event going on, we would just hang out in the lobby and make our goals for the second year of our marriage.

I was pumped! We made a plan that was very special that could be repeated each year if we chose to. We got home and got ready for mass. Mass started at 7:30 and we decided to bring “cinco”, our 5 shaped piñata, to church with us! I was feeling a little weird about it at first, but I figured it was actually Cinco de Mayo and it is New Orleans after all.

We parked about 3 blocks away and got all the way to church before we realized we forgot cinco! Doug ran back to the car while I hung out and took some pictures…

I sat near the back as I did not want him to have to walk all the way to the front of church with a piñata. He arrived and we put cinco next to us in the pew. We did get some odd looks as he brought it in and as people sat around us.

After mass we went to the front of church and took our traditional picture with cinco! Well, first we took the one without him because I felt a little silly with a piñata in church. 

Then we grabbed cinco and took this one…

When we were done we approached the (awesome) priest who had said mass and asked for a blessing as it was our one year anniversary. He (and another priest) said a beautiful blessing over us and our marriage. THEN HE BLESSED OUR LITTLE CINCO! Cinco is now a sacramental! It made our night.

We left IC and started our second line (walk to the JW)

There was not much traffic and I joked with Doug we could actually walk down the center of Canal, but we behaved.  We walked into the JW, walked up the steps to the 3rd floor and tried to go into the ballroom. Sadly, they were all locked, but we found some sofas at the end of the hall to sit together and make our goals for the next year. (I will do a separate blog about those)

We hung out in the JW until about 10 pm. I really enjoyed the quality time with my db.

IMG_20130505_215506 IMG_20130505_215619 IMG_20130505_215750 IMG_20130505_220251

We left the JW and walked back to the car with “cinco the sacramental”. On our way we walked by a group of guys sitting outside a bar. As we approached they started changing “five, five, five” louder and louder. When I got to them I said, “cinco” and they all said “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. This story is probably better in real life, but I wanted to write it down so I don’t forget.

When we arrived home, we heard a video chat was happening so we hopped on.

As you can see, we got to visit with the whole family. It was also the night before Dad’s birthday so Dad opened all his gifts. As you can see, he was wearing a new hat!

Since the day was coming to a close, we ate ANOTHER piece of cake – the one year old one. We had saved a piece to eat on our actual anniversary. So we hung out with my family and ate our cake. It was a wonderful day…


Thank you DB for being an AWESOME husband. I love you so very much.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. Happy happy anniversary! Love y'all :)