Friday, May 24, 2013

Doug and I’s 1st anniversary!

After the amazing wedding last year, Doug and I decided we would host a Cinco de Mayo party EVERY YEAR FROM NOW ON! This year we held our “2nd Annual” Cinco de Mayo party in some green space where we live.

The set up was intense…almost as intense as the wedding…:) We used a lot of the same decorations… (A special thanks to Bruce, Betsey, Sarah, Mom, Dad, Shawn, Lauren, Doug, and Kim for helping out!)

2013-05-04_17-19-27_DSCN0426 2013-05-04_17-19-33_DSCN0427 2013-05-04_17-19-44_DSCN0428 2013-05-04_17-19-51_DSCN0429

Even Ashley and Andrew came to help set up!
2013-05-04_17-34-37_DSCN0436 2013-05-04_17-34-34_DSCN0435

Finally the party started…

We visited with guests and around 8:30 we played the wedding video for anyone who wanted to see it. We all ate chicken and pulled pork tacos with all the fixings. It was delicious. Once everyone was sufficiently stuffed, we decided to go take pictures with the new cake…

Then we decided to cut our year old, defrosted cake!

Unwrapping it was the real issue…I made sure that thing did not even think about freezer burn when I packed it away…2013-05-04_19-50-25_DSCN04462013-05-04_19-48-18_DSCN04422013-05-04_19-49-05_DSCN0444

Then finally, we cut it!
2013-05-04_19-52-21_DSCN0450 2013-05-04_19-52-27_DSCN0451      

and it was delicious! We were told we had to feed each other like we did at the wedding…so we did…

and Doug finally got is chance to smash it in my face….:) 2013-05-04_19-53-17_DSCN0453

Then we cut the new cake…and ate that…
 2013-05-04_19-54-26_DSCN0456 2013-05-04_19-54-57_DSCN0457

…it was so good too!

We passed out cake to all (and ate it for the next two weeks). We saved the topper on the new cake, froze it and it is waiting to be unwrapped at our next Cinco de Mayo party!

When the party was over, Dad, Mom, Doug, Sarah, Amber, Bruce and I broke down the decor. Thank you all so much for helping! Here is some of the group…

As you might have noticed, we also had a photobooth at the party. You will have to wait until Monday to see the amazing pictures that came from it. :)

I leave you this…

Happy Weekend!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Truly sorry we missed out on this fabulous party. Next year!