Monday, May 20, 2013

Samantha’s Baptism

Sweet Samantha was baptized April 21 in Luling. I was honored to officially become her Godmother.

We arrived at the church early for the baptism, but very late if we were trying to attend Church. We walked in after communion and everyone stared at us like very tardy students, but figured out why we were so late when we did not leave. :)

At church, Brandon (the Godfather) and I stood near Lauren and Shawn as the awesome priest blessed Samantha.  2013-04-21_13-54-57_IMG_2449

Samantha did great when they baptized her. 


She was really good throughout the whole ceremony….

After the baptism, we went to take pictures in the front of church.

2013-04-21_14-01-29_IMG_2457 2013-04-21_14-11-23_IMG_2481

We headed to Mr. Keith and Mrs. Sonia’s house for the post party. It was a fabulous day with fabulous company. The cake rocked too.


For the record, this was the day I beat Mr. Keith in darts. :) I just want it written down in my timeline in case it never happens again.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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