Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A+A’s Engagement Party – The Party

Once we were all ready, we assembled everyone at the bottom of the stairs…2013-04-27_17-07-29_DSCN0323
and made them come down to see us with the cardboard cut outs and the sign that would be placed in the front yard.
2013-04-27_17-08-07_DSCN0324  2013-04-27_17-08-14_DSCN0325
Then we gave them some popcorn from the gourmet popcorn buffet to eat while they viewed all the decorations…
2013-04-27_17-08-52_DSCN0330 2013-04-27_17-11-07_DSCN0335
2013-04-27_17-12-06_DSCN0338 2013-04-27_17-09-45_DSCN0332
Soon after they saw the decor, people started arriving and the party began!
2013-04-27_19-28-36_DSCN0364 2013-04-27_18-34-41_DSCN0340 2013-04-27_18-34-51_DSCN0341
2013-04-27_18-35-23_DSCN0342 2013-04-27_18-35-30_DSCN0343 2013-04-27_18-35-48_DSCN0344
2013-04-27_18-37-58_DSCN0351 2013-04-27_18-40-17_DSCN03542013-04-27_18-38-46_DSCN0352 
2013-04-27_18-40-38_DSCN0355 2013-04-27_18-51-03_DSCN0357  2013-04-27_19-27-13_DSCN0360
2013-04-27_19-27-38_DSCN0362 2013-04-27_19-27-59_DSCN0363 2013-04-27_20-12-22_DSCN04012013-04-27_20-14-48_DSCN0403
We all gathered together for Dad’s toast. I assure you that dad’s toast will transcend the test of time.  2013-04-27_19-43-04_DSCN03712013-04-27_19-43-37_DSCN0373  2013-04-27_19-43-25_DSCN0372
Finally, the cake was served!!!
 2013-04-27_19-40-41_DSCN0365 2013-04-27_19-45-45_DSCN0378  
Before the party ended, we snuck the bridesmaids in the front room for a picture with Ashley. Then after the party ended the real photo session began,, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see the pictures. :)
Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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