Thursday, August 22, 2013

A long over due visit…meeting SJ!

Long, long ago I became very good friends with a gentleman named Sean. Sean happened to be the grandson of a family friend, but we did not realize that until after we were friends. We were best buds the year before I started LSU. The summer before college was prime Sean time.

When I started LSU, Sean and I would still hang out, but since he was a SLU it did not happen near enough. Once we both graduated we got to hang out more. The last time I saw him was probably about 2006. He met a really awesome lady, Jackie, and they moved to Houston.

He had been back many times, but it NEVER lined up with when we were in town. He had big plans to come to our wedding, but he could not make it because his cousin was getting married the same day in Texas. So, Doug had never met the Sean, but had heard about it for many years. Finally, he was coming to town on a weekend we were in town and Doug could finally meet him. To add to the drama, I had never met their new son – SJ. There were many meetings to be had.

Doug, Ashley, Andrew and I headed to Sean’s mom’s house for the grand introductions. It was like falling into a memory. It was so great to see everyone- it just felt so normal. I love when you do not see a friend for a long time, but when you finally get together it seems like no time has passed.

Finally, two of my favorite men had the chance to meet!

Evidently, I like to hang with tall people. Then I got to hold not SJ. ha. I made some joke about let’s take a picture with a baby and pretend it was SJ. Clearly, the boys think I am silly.

One funny moment was when Casey decided Erin needed to go for a swim:

Zoomed in:

It was pretty funny, but the picture is even better. Check out baby SJ chillin in the pool:

Finally before we left, we got one big group picture. I am bummed we are missing Jackie! That just means we have to get together again! :)

It was great seeing you guys! We had a blast. Thank you for having us Ms. Terri and Mr. Kerry. It was also awesome seeing granny too! What a party!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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