Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Donkey Kong – It LIVES (for one night)

We have had an old school Donkey Kong in our house for a few years and every time I look at it, it tempts me. I want to play it. We had put off working on it for a while as we had to focus on the wedding, then it was some other big project, but finally it was Donkey Kong’s turn. Doug ordered some needed parts and got to work on the machine.

He brought the monitor/monster mother board upstairs and began his long road of fixing the beast up.

He blew out the 35+ years worth of dust in our office and replaced the parts. After many hours of sautering and random other things I hear some magic sounds. He had it working!

I think he got to play about three rounds or so. He did get his name in the “high score” area. As it was about 2 am, he finally went to bed after a few rounds. Here is the only video proof that he got it working:

The next morning he realized the machine had blown a fuse overnight. Until next time, Donkey Kong!!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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