Monday, August 5, 2013

Memphis for Bailey’s 1st birthday party!

Our niece, Bailey, turned ONE! Such a big birthday that we had to be there for the party. :)

She was throwing a swimming party the weekend before Doug’s birthday so we could celebrate both birthdays with Doug’s family.

We drove in Friday evening and enjoyed a great dinner with DJ, Steve and Tom.

The following morning Bailey, Mullian (the pup), Jenni, and Craig arrived to prep for the big party. Bailey is saying “hi” and “hi-ya” a lot. So we had very deep, meaningful conversations saying “hi” back and forth. Uncle Chris, Will, Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Barbara came to party too!

We ate lunch and then opened presents:

IMG_2700 IMG_2703IMG_2728      IMG_2709IMG_2716IMG_2725

Bailey loved the cake knife we got her. :)


Doug was ready to party……and so was Mulligan!
IMG_2711 IMG_2730   

Then we swam and hung out in the pool for a few hours. It was a lovely birthday party. Did I mention the awesome cupcakes!?!

Bailey did have an adorable cake, but I don’t have those picture as of now. I will share later…maybe :)

We had a great time in Memphis. Thank you for having us!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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