Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tracking Food Update–for July 5

So I have decided to give updates for calorie tracking goal. Here is the July one. Smile I have started taking note of how I feel, my measurements, sizes, weight loss awards, etc.

Things of note over the past month:

June 9:


June 27 – my medium t-shirt fits over my hips now. It used to get stuck, but now it fits over them. YES!

June 28 – 147.6 lbs = almost wedding weight

June 29 – 146# YES! (haha. Since then…I have been trying to get back to 146….the weekend in Memphis was awesome and delicious.)

June 30 – lost 10# at Weight Watchers – I got an award.

(The lowest I have weighed (right before my wedding in April of 2012 was 143.9#. My wedding weight was 144#.)

July 2 – earned the UFO badge with Fitbit!


These are all my badges!


Fitbit says I have lost 15 lbs from my highest weight! That is pretty awesome!

Photos: June on the left and July on the right.


I don’t think I look too different over this month. I will try to take better before and after photos.  Smile

There you have it! The July update! I am going to keep tracking and whipping some booty!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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