Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NOLA Running with the Bulls

Cynthia (and Brock) picked me up early Saturday morning to go “Run with the Bulls”. Doug had left even earlier and ran down there from our house (The Shack). It was about a 9 mile run. Cynthia, Brock and I arrived just in time to see the procession of San Fermin…


and of course the Rolling Elvi

because those two go together, right?   

Anyway, we headed to the start of the race and ran into some cool kids…Ryan and Courtney (remember the Commander’s Palace 2013 krewe? yes. them.) and headed to the race start.

While the bulls were lining up we finally found Doug. He was disgusting. It was a hot morning and he was completely drenched from sweat. We threw some red items on him and he was ready to roll.

Then we found Brock as he went to park the car in a non-tow away zone. Yay! We were all there!

We stood next to the convention center and watched as the blessing was made and the crowds lined up. At 8 am the bulls were released and the ran began…

Well…it was kind of a run…

After the masses passed, we got in on the “run”. We did jog a bit, but it was mainly a walk. Do you like Brock’s “x” on his back….great target…
IMG_2895 IMG_2896

A few blocks in I saw two crazy guys drinking on the side of the road. I realized it was Thiel and Meza!  I grabbed them for a quick photo and then they ran off like crazy men. These two actually had run with the bulls in Pamplona and said this bull run was almost exactly the same. :) That is not at all what they said, but that is what I heard. heh.

As we ran, bulls smacked us! I got wacked so good the whole crowd around me made the loud collective “Ohhhhhhh” sound. It hurt. Then I learned the trick – you choke up on the bat! If a bull coming to smack you with her large bat, you got as close to her as possible. That way, she can’t swing as hard or fast to hit you hard. It became a game….to see how close I could get to the bulls to get smacked. I am a quick learner. :)

As we got to the end of the bull run/walk, you have to go through this row of bulls lined up on either side of the street. I used my new trick and got as close to them as possible and lead with my rear. I did get hit, but not hard.

We came out on the other end with sore butts/lower backs and hungry. We took this last picture with this awesome bull…

and then headed to Camilla Grill. So, this was my FIRST time at Camilla Grill. Yes, yes…I know. That is a shame, but it is the truth. We walked in a got a standing ovation for surviving the running with the bulls. We were seated immediately which I found out is pretty impressive. We ate a delicious breakfast and hung out with Cy and Brock. It was pretty awesome. I had always thought it was a MUCH bigger restaurant. I was shocked when we walked in. Glad I finally learned at 30+ what Camilla Grill had to offer.

 IMG_2903 IMG_2905IMG_2904

After breakfast they dropped us back off at home and we took a nap. That bull running was early! :)

Thank you Cy and Brock for making us shirts, picking me up AND being generally awesome. Let’s hang soon!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Can't believe that was your first time at Camellia Grill. Shame on you, LPb! And I totally want to come see the bulls next year...this looked like so much fun. But only if Cy agrees to make me an awesome shirt, too. :)