Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mid-Year Fitbit Goal

My 2014 new years resolution:

1. To have 10k steps a day.

2. If I did not get to10k, the negative balance rolls forward until I made up for those lost steps.

3. If I walked over 10k steps, the positive balance does not roll forward. It is just lagniappe.

We are now half way through the year (I am writing this on June 26) and I have been tracking my steps each day (with help from my Fitbit).

Here is my weekly average since January. Each bar = a week.


There are 178 days from Jan 1 to June 26.
178 x 10,000 = 1,780,000 steps is what I should have so far. According to the chart above, I have 2,049,966 (as of June 26). I am ahead of my goal!

That is a difference of 269,966 steps ahead of my midyear goal. As the rule states, I cannot roll the positive numbers forward, but it is interesting to know that if I could I would be 27 days ahead of my target!

Each day I track my steps:


As of today, June 26, I am caught up. As this blog will post at the end of July, I hope I will still be caught up then!

I am very please and proud of my dedication to this goal.

I will have a huge step year if I keep on this track. Want to join me?

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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