Friday, August 12, 2011

Alaska– The story behind the trip…

A year (or so) ago, my parents called a meeting. They wanted to take us all for a family vacation – to Alaska – on a cruise – for seven days.

I immediately said no. I have been on two prior cruises and I did not enjoy them. When questioned by the entire group about why I do not like cruises, I explained that I do not like the rocking mainly, but also the control freak in me does not like being trapped on a vessel with no land in view. I was then assured that this would be the smoothest cruise ever – barely any rocking as we were sailing through the inner passage mainly. I was then assured we would always have land in sight and it was such beautiful weather. Last time my parents went on this cruise it was “t shirt” weather the whole time. It was way hotter than they had expected it and actually had to buy t shirts while in Alaska. Then, the kicker was announced: Mom and Dad wanted to pay for the whole cost of the cruise PLUS they would pay for us to bring a friend/significant other. Then the peer pressure started from Doug also. He had never been on a cruise and was being offered a free, fun cruise with a rockin’ family, but only if his anal, control freak fiancé would go too.

After the hours of discussion about it being the perfect family vacation, having a smooth inner passage cruise, being able to see the glaciers up close as they crack and break into the water, and always being able to see land, I really did not have any argument as to why I should not go.

So I finally caved.

Mom and Dad booked the cruise and Doug started looking at excursions.
They chose the Norwegian Cruise Line’s 7 Day Sawyer Glacier that started and ended in Seattle. Here was our route:


“The Star” was to be our home for 7 days.


We left on July 29 and arrived home August 8 (with a few extra days in Seattle). I will tell you about our cold weather (in August!!) exploits over the next few blogs.

To be continued…..

(Love and hugs, Lizzie)

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