Friday, August 26, 2011

Family Friday Update

Hey kids! Sorry I missed yesterday. Here is a general update for your enjoyment.

Doug is still holding my feet to the fire about budgeting. We just had a budget committee meeting for next month. I think I am getting better…maybe?

Ashley is excited Andrew is coming home in 12 days! She is also now a fan of G-chat.

Alex is awesome. There is a new awesome video of him doing a magic trick on facebook.

We have the best parents in the world! Dad and Mom! Mom spent hours with me trying to make save the dates, but alas they did not work out. Dad is all over the place fixing things at the Shack and the mansion. Just today he was carpeting stairs in Ashley’s house. The man can do anything (especially with the help of youtube.)

Doug is working a bunch and enjoys riding his bike to work and back to his place.

We just bought me a road bike. It was mainly a gift for DB so he can get me riding. I will update you on that.

Normandy Beach is 95% back to normal. Thank God.
Hoodrat/Kit says hello. He is fantastic as usual.

This weekend Riley Bean turns 1. I will be attending that rockin’ birthday party. I was suppose to help his mom, but evidently I am a slacker! I am sorry Courts!

I MIGHT have talked DB into doing a post once a week. MAYBE?

In sad news, a good friend of mine lost her mother yesterday. She had a stroke. She was a very sweet lady. I only had the chance to meet her once as she attended one of our NORC dinners. Please pray for her and her family. Hugs to you Stacey.

I will be attending a separate funeral today in honor of Sam. Please say a prayer for them also.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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