Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alaskan Cruise–Day 5 in Skagway, Alaska

We arrived in Skagway at 7 am and had to be off the ship to meet for our Whore Tour (not really what it was called, but what I called it) at 8:20 am. Doug had to get up earlier and was gone by 7:20. He was catching the train up to some trail and hiking up to a glacier and then hiking on the actual glacier. I gave him a hug and a kiss that morning and told him to please return in one piece.

Ashley, Carolyn, Mom, Neil and I went to meet for our Whore Tour. It was Fantastic! We got the real scoop on how the ladies of the night got their work done. In the height of the gold rush, Skagway had over 30,000 men and about 300 working ladies. They must have been quite busy.

Here were some seals in the water and the train Doug took to the Glacier.


I think Skagway was my favorite city. It looked like what a gold rush town looks like in your imagination.

Doug’s group was the last to get on the ship. They actually made the entire ship late! It was pretty nice of the ship to wait for DB or I would have freaked out. Smile

Maybe we can get to do a post on his Glacier hiking?!? Maybe if we all ask him, he will do it!

That night we left for Canada.

Hugs and Love, Lizzie

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