Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alaskan Cruise–Day 4 in Juneau, Alaska and Tracy’s Arm

We arrived in Juneau early. Everyone went to scheduled events such as panning for gold or a bike and brew pub tour. I had cancelled my panning for gold and dad went in my place.  Everyone arrived back around noon as we were leaving early from Juneau to go into Tracy’s arm to see the Sawyer Glacier.

In this picture, see Sawyer glacier right between Doug and I’s heads. It is that white “v” shaped chuck of ice. It was very pretty. I wish we could have gotten closer to see it, but that is kinda dangerous.


The family out on our private balcony. It was COLD! We ordered hot chocolate to keep us warm. 419895886310524106886310

This is Sawyer Glacier up close. Alex took this picture. The picture does not do the glacier justice. It is actually HUGE.


After getting out of Tracy’s Arm we were on our way to Skagway. We would arrive the following morning around 7 am.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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