Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alaskan Cruise–Day 2 and 3

Day 2 – A full day at sea.

It was a pretty chill day. All we did was eat as I can remember…

Also, we got 3 complementary bottles of liquor so I did partake in the beverages to chill out. It did work a bit.


Day 3 – Ketchikan, Alaska

After I freaked out on the dock about getting on public transportation for a 40 minute bus ride, Ashley and I decided to see Ketchikan on our own. We went to a Salmon hatchery, Dolly’s house (a brothel), and rode a moose!


Dolly’s House: This is the room where all the magic happened:IMG_4095IMG_4123


Later that day, Doug and I went sightseeing:


And we bought Doug an amazing furry outfit to show the rest of the crew. He promised me if I bought it he would wear it. It was the best $35.00 I have spent.


And he wore it for everyone to see. I love you baby…tail and all!

Love and hugs, Lizzie


  1. Oh. My. Word. DOUGLAS! Nice butt, dude. :)

  2. Oh...my ... GOD!! DB all that running has surely paid off! ;)