Friday, August 19, 2011

Alaskan Cruise–Day 6 in Prince Rupert, Canada

Well, I can officially say I have been to Canada and it was cold (in AUGUST!).

We arrived in Prince Rupert around 4 pm and got on our bus to the rain forest. The whole family/crew went for this adventure.



We hiked 2.5 miles through the rainforest. It was very hilly and we went up and down some step slopes. Mom and I caught a cab back to the ship and we had a lovely ride.

Once we got back to the dock Doug, Carolyn and I went to get our passports officially stamped as this would probably be my only trip to Canada. We caught a ride uphill with our one of our tour guides in the rain forest as she happened to ride by us. We got our stamp and headed back to the ship.

We only had 4 hours in Prince Rupert so it was a quick trip. They only see the sun there 30 days a year or something tragic like that. It was kind of dreary and sad. I am glad I have sun and heat the majority of the year.


One had more day at sea and then we arrived back in Seattle. Yay!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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