Friday, March 9, 2012


When we mailed the wedding invitations on March 6, the draft officially began. Doug and I are now in a heated competition to see who has the most amazing RSVP team.

When I got home from work Wednesday two (YES, I SAID TWO!!) RSVP envelopes were at my front door. (picture is actually of my doorstep!)


They had been hand delivered by Courtney. (She had delivered the RSVP cards for her and Ms. Gay). Then when Sarah got home, she immediately filled out her RSVP card and finally Ashley finished off the RSVP tally.

Along with these 4 RSVP cards, we also received lots of texts. Here are some for you to enjoy:

This was sent Wednesday…:)IMG_0820

These are from Wednesday:




I am sure you are all wondering who is winning the draft after day one… and winner for day one is…….DOUG

Lizzie 59 vs. Doug 178

I have a feeling I am going to make a come back tomorrow…so stay tuned.
If you are wondering how we are working up the points, I will explain that in another post. :)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. BOO-YA!!!!! Numba one, BABY!!!!

  2. Doug is a cheater....I just know it. And I should be worth tons of points bc I have a number 2 for my guest...since I now have a BOYFRIEND!! Thats a miracle in itself worth at least 100 points and I know , I just have to be on Lizzie's team...:))- Darelle