Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lizzie’s birthday weekend!

The first official birthday event happened after the invitation stuffing party. My favorite birthday surprise, Brandon, came over and a small group of us played Cranium.

It was Lizzie, Brandon and Sarah vs. Doug, Ashley and Lori.  (Ashley, Doug and Lori whipped our butts, but it was still fun Smile)


The next day, Sunday, we headed to Hammond to have Family day for my birthday. We had a fantastic lunch (cooked by Mom and Ashley) and opened presents!


Mom had a box that said “You will always have one at home. Now you can start a new family tradition with your family! Love, always, Mom and Dad”

They had ordered us Easter baskets with our names on them! They are so awesome!


And they had a plastic bin with groceries!
My parents are the best!

IMG_5456Then we went outside and I played with the chickens (while Doug and Dad worked on the coop)!

I taught the chickens how to go up and down the ladder!
(I tried to attach the video 4 times, but it does not want to be published. I will show it later!)

Then we went and worked on the “worm area”, laid tile, tilled the garden and played with the chickens more!

It was a fabulous birthday!


Thank you Mom, Dad, Ashley, Alex and Doug for making my Family day birthday awesome!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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