Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some birthday signs worth sharing…

My family has a birthday tradition… (actually started by my college roommates Cynthia and Catherine) we draw pictures and write notes on scratch or colored paper and tape them up all over the house. These signs range from sweet and caring to dirty and inappropriate.

Here are a few I have decided to share from this past year:

From Ashley:IMG_5661
This sign actually happened on Sunday!IMG_5662

This is an odd sign from my mom. I asked her why I was holding worms that low and she said they were just in my hands….uhhh :) She is right that I do love my worms :)IMG_5663

Sweet one from Mom:IMG_5664

Sweet one from Dad:IMG_5665

Odd one from dad: lolIMG_5666

The best sign of the birthday! Doug loves this sign. If you do now know why, you are behind on the blog. :)IMG_5667

Here are some of my awesome cards that came in the mail! Thank you Courtney, Kenny and Riley; Janessa and Matthew; Mr. David and Mrs. Gay;  Sarah; Becky (yes, such a girlie card and envelope!); Mom and Dad; and…IMG_5668

Cynthia and Brockstar! They gave me a HUGE card…see below!


Janessa also sent me a little care package. YOU ROCK J!IMG_5542

I was feeling the birthday love all through Wednesday even though my bday was actually on Tuesday. :)

I hope you enjoyed our little family tradition. I, as I say always, have such awesome friends and an amazing family.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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