Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ashley’s Big Birthday–A new Decade!

Ashley celebrated the big 3-0 in July! We did it big!2014-07-23-13-14-41_DSCN0855

First we started with a lunch celebration with Mom, Dad, Janice, Andrew and I. 2014-07-23-13-14-55_DSCN08562014-07-23-13-15-01_DSCN0857

We gave her a few gifts…2014-07-23-13-49-59_DSCN0858

After she blew out her candles.2014-07-23-13-50-05_DSCN0859

One gift was a packet of mustaches. 2014-07-23-13-56-54_DSCN0860

So we all got mustaches. 2014-07-23-14-01-48_DSCN08622014-07-23-13-57-21_DSCN0861

The second gift was a scavenger hunt and on it led us to TJMaxx for some specific items. 2014-07-23-13-37-59_IMG_3414

We all sported our mustaches proudly.2014-07-23-13-44-41_IMG_3425

Birthdays are exhausting….well, they are in my family! Breaking at TJMaxx.2014-07-23-14-50-45_DSCN0863

We did get quite a few funny stares.2014-07-23-14-09-10_IMG_3435

I have no idea why.2014-07-23-14-09-17_IMG_3436

Then we headed to cold stone for some ice cream!2014-07-23-14-23-49_IMG_3438

Check out Al’s bowtie mustache tattoo.2014-07-23-14-30-29_IMG_3440

The photo scavenger hunt was in full swing! She was marking the items off as she found them.2014-07-23-14-30-50_IMG_3443


Once she completed the list she could open her birthday gifts!




She makes good faces when she is excited!2014-07-23-16-08-19_IMG_3479


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY! We had a blast with you.2014-07-23-19-05-49_DSCN0866

Later that night, Ashley had more visitors! 2014-07-23-20-00-28_IMG_3491

What a freaking awesome birthday!2014-07-23-20-00-37_IMG_3492

I hope you enjoyed it. Andrew and I are glad it is over. Smile

Love and hugs, Lizzie

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