Thursday, September 25, 2014

Running of the Bulls– Nola

It was that time of year again. TIME TO RUN WITH THE BULLS!2014-07-12-06-32-48_IMG_3076

Sarah and I met up with Cynthia, Brock and 10,000 other wild Nola kids.2014-07-12-06-34-37_IMG_3081

Sarah brought her new fancy sun glasses…2014-07-12-06-34-59_IMG_3082

They were a hit!2014-07-12-06-35-00_IMG_3083

We got ready in front of the convention center…..2014-07-12-06-52-06_IMG_3086

saw the bulls run/skate by….2014-07-12-06-58-00_IMG_3090

And we were off!!!!2014-07-12-07-06-06_IMG_3106

Watch out, they will get you…2014-07-12-07-11-03_IMG_3109

Here is Cynthia about to get smacked!!!


Boom baby!2014-07-12-07-11-05_IMG_3112

Sarah getting it!2014-07-12-07-12-01_IMG_3114

Brock, watch out!!2014-07-12-07-16-55_IMG_3126

Then I saw Eddie!!!!2014-07-12-07-17-34_IMG_3129

Pumped to see some awesome kids…first Courtney and Ryan!


then Scott!


And just to prove we ran with the bulls. Here are our scars…2014-07-12-07-28-07_IMG_3167

Fancy bull headdress…


Then we headed to a DELICOUS breakfast at the Ruby Slipper on Magazine. It was so freaking good.

I got the Salmon on biscuits. 2014-07-12-09-05-23_IMG_3176

But I was jealous of the french toast….2014-07-12-09-05-34_IMG_3177

On our way back to the party, we ran into Michael! Such a cutie!2014-07-12-09-40-25_IMG_3183

We got into the party and had a little fun…2014-07-12-10-04-58_IMG_3188

Then we found some fun kids!2014-07-12-10-10-02_IMG_31892014-07-12-10-17-19_IMG_31932014-07-12-10-21-20_IMG_3196

Finally, we celebrated with The Pope!2014-07-12-10-24-36_IMG_3199

What a fun day!!

After that we headed to swim at Jacque and Scott’s house. It was such a fun, amazing day.

Until next year!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Okay that's it. I want to go with you next year. Kenny can stay home with the boys!