Sunday, September 28, 2014

BG and Jenni’s last day!

The Sunday that BG and Jenni left, we stopped by and had breakfast with those two kids.

We put Bailey in a a box and she seemed to enjoy being pushed and pulled all around. I mean, who wouldn’t?


I think she knew what was coming as she clearly states in this photo – DON’T LET HER TAKE ME BACK TO MEMPHIS!2014-07-20-07-34-38_IMG_3377

We walked them out and Jenni got the car ready.


Uncle Doug got some hugs..2014-07-20-08-05-26_IMG_33802014-07-20-08-05-29_IMG_3384

and then the dreaded moment hit. We had to put her in the car seat and tell her bye bye….2014-07-20-08-07-34_IMG_3385

She was not happy and told us exactly where we should be sitting!2014-07-20-08-07-35_IMG_3386

She was so stinking cute and so sad, but all I could do was giggle. SO CUTE!2014-07-20-08-07-36_IMG_3387

Jenni and BG headed to the Nola Aquarium and we got a text a few minutes later with a photo of her petting some water creature. She seemed to recover from leaving us ok. Smile

COME BACK AND VISIT! That was so much fun.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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