Monday, September 29, 2014

Doubles Volleyball Tournament

In July, John and Doug played in a sand volleyball tournament at White Sands.

There seem to be a great turnout. 2014-07-20-10-16-02_IMG_3389

When I arrived it was sunny, hot and beautiful. 2014-07-20-10-16-03_IMG_3390

Doug and John were on the far side…2014-07-20-10-16-11_IMG_3391

Then the clouds rolled in…2014-07-20-11-19-00_IMG_3393

But they kept playing…2014-07-20-11-19-09_IMG_3394

and it got darker…2014-07-20-11-19-28_IMG_3396

and darker…2014-07-20-11-21-01_IMG_34012014-07-20-11-21-06_IMG_34032014-07-20-11-22-50_IMG_3407

Until finally I decided I needed to vacate the area with this nice camera.2014-07-20-11-23-45_IMG_3409

I took a few more and bailed. 2014-07-20-11-23-47_IMG_3410

The guys had a great day playing. I left just in time and evidently the tent they were under got picked up and tossed around. Glad I left when I did. Smile

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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