Saturday, September 27, 2014

BG and Jenni come to Visit

We had two special visitors in July – Doug’s sister, Jenni, and her adorable daughter, Bailey Grace. Boy did we have some fun.

They arrived on Friday afternoon and we headed to dinner on Magazine Street at Amici. Bailey was so adorable and hungry. Smile

That night we walked to Sucre for dessert and called it an early night.

The next morning we picked them up and we headed to the Irish House for breakfast.


Bailey was IMPRESSED with my coloring skills!


After a delicious breakfast, we headed to a house party in Mississippi. (Thank you Mary and John for the invite!)


We got there, ate and then headed to the beach to show BG what sand was like. I think she liked it!2014-07-19-13-16-42_IMG_3244

BG and Uncle Doug headed out into the water. Fearless = BG.2014-07-19-13-18-58_IMG_3247

lovin’ the water!


too much fun



After a fun filled day, including blackberry cobbler, we headed back to Nola. We did stop in Slidell and take a photo with Kristen and her adorabe little man. (I am missing that photo!) BG slept so hard the entire way home.

Once back in Nola, we headed to City Park for Bailey to play at the playground and eat beignets!



At Coffee Call…


BG really loves her Uncle Doug.2014-07-19-19-02-46_IMG_3334

Then we made her try a New Orleans classic!2014-07-19-19-05-32_IMG_3338

I think she liked it!2014-07-19-19-06-50_IMG_3341




Then I had a little fun with the powdered sugar!! 2014-07-19-19-10-40_IMG_3362


Pretty sure she had a terrible day! Smile

After that we headed home, showered and crashed. What a fun day!

Tomorrow: BG and Jenni leave Sad smile

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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