Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Doug’s Birthday in Nola

For Doug’s birthday (which he loves to celebrate…ha) we had a family work night at the Constance house. My amazing family came to help even though Doug wanted to cancel the whole work night. See, Doug does not like to be the focus of attention or want people to have to do a lot of work for him. So when I offered family work night, he tried to say no, but I insisted.

We painted, did siding, and many other things around the house. When it was time for dinner, Doug said he wanted Indian for dinner. I have never eaten at an Indian restaurant (nor had many of my family members) so since Doug wished it on his birthday, we went.

I must admit, this was the reaction everyone had to Doug’s request (except Alex and Janice), but we sucked it up and ordered items we had no idea what they were or how to say them.

Dinner was actually delicious. I really enjoyed it. The only hitch was that Andrew’s meal never actually made it, but I am not sure he was that upset.

We tried new things and I think everyone had a good time…This was the famous “smells like yams” (in a squeaky voice) incident.

Everyone was a good sport (in front of Doug), but I am sure there were some comments on the ride home in each car. Smile

Happy Birthday Doug! You got my whole family to eat Indian. You are my hero.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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