Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas at the Roosevelt and Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing came to the Saenger so we decided to make a day of it!

Sarah came over early and we exchanged Christmas gifts with her, Ashley and Andrew.

Then we headed over to the Roosevelt to enjoy a cold beverage. IMG_6171

Ashley had mentioned the Roosevelt was serving a “Ms. Claus’ Cookie” drink that was pretty fantastic. We we sold.

We arrived and headed straight for the Sazerac Bar.


All the girls had Ms. Claus’ yummy drink and Doug ordered a Hot Buttered Rum. IMG_6174

Doug’s drink had donuts in it!IMG_6178

Then we enjoyed the decorations that make the Roosevelt so famous!IMG_6181


We checked out the Gingerbread houses…IMG_6185


and then we finally headed to the Saenger.

The show was pretty good except that we sat by a lady that carried a large amount cat feces in her purse. Not kidding. I was terrible. We moved seats at intermission it was that bad. Alas, you can’t win them all!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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