Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mom’s Birthday! (Dec 13)

My beautiful, wonderful, fabulous mother celebrated her birthday last month!

We woke her up with a surprise coffee cake for breakfast!

IMG_6115  IMG_6123

Doesn’t she look so dainty blowing out the candles!IMG_6117

Then we headed out for a walk! IMG_6124

We walked 2.something miles around Southeastern…and we might have ended up in a dumpster for a bit.



We digress….anyway, then we headed to lunch! Adobe was calling our names!IMG_6126



Then “the cootie hat” was placed on Mom and a song was sung!IMG_6130

Enjoy this amazing video!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Then the cootie hat was passed around…


and I might have put whipped cream on DB’s nose…IMG_6133

Then we headed home for the official birthday party!IMG_6134

We decorated with signs and other fun décor.IMG_6137

More candles to blow out. IMG_6139IMG_6141

The whole gang was there to see her open her gifts. IMG_6142


Later that night we celebrated one last time…IMG_6151


Doesn’t Andrew look pumped?! hehe.

We played Phase 10 (which mom won) and some telestrations. It really was a fun night. We laughed and laughed. One day we will have to share the drawings, but they are not all rated G. Smile

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. 1. I love your mom.
    2. I love your cackle in the video.
    3. That cake looks amazing. What kind was it?
    4. Do I even want to know why y'all were dumpster diving?

  2. OMG, the cootie hat!!
    Courtney, thanks. yes, her sound is quite distinctive, german choc, & you probably do not want to know!

  3. 1. I do too Courts!
    2. My cackle is pretty intense.
    3. The cake from breakfast is coffee cake by sara lee! :)
    4. because WHY NOT?! ha.