Monday, January 12, 2015

The Chef’s Table at Commander’s Palace

We were honored to be invited to the Chef’s Table at Commander’s Palace

23 - Our Menu

Enjoy the amazing dinner we had:

Foie Gras Hot Chocolate01 - Foie Gras Hot Chocolate w Whiskey

Excitement over our Amuse Bouche

02 - Doug Lizzie Erin

Crabmeat and Root Vegetable Salad (this might have been my favorite)03 - Crabmeat and Root Vegetable Salad

Oysters Carbonarra04 - Oysters Carbonarra

Foie Gras with Chutney and Beignet with Chef Tory pouring maple syrup over my plate.

06 - Tory Rocks

the dish!07 - Foie Gras with Autumn Chutney and Beignet

Assiette of Seafood08 - Assiette of Seafood

Wine parings and a mid meal cocktail!

05 - Double Fisting Already 09 - Le Coup de Milieu - Vermillion Cocktail

Rissoleed Breat of Duck10 - Rissoleed Breast of Duck

Braised Lamb Shank11 - Braised Lamb Shank

We forgot the photo of the cheese plate, but here is the dessert bomb!12 - The Group

Happy Birthday Erin!

13 - Happy Birthday Erin 14 - The Dessert Bomb

Close up of the sexy desserts!15 - Apple and Praline

16 - Flourless Chocolate Cake

17 - Pean Pie

My fav – Mango sorbet in a sugar bowl.

18 - Satsuma Sorbet

19 - Cheesecake

20 - Creme Brule

21 - Souffl

It was heavenly and the company was awesome. Thank you so much for the invite Erin and Jeff. We were honored to be your guests!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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