Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fred and Sarah Get Hitched!

Sarah and Fred are adorable, wonderful people. They asked me a while ago for some help planning their wedding. I was honored! I gave them some advice, direction and critical wedding details.

Then on October 25 their wedding day arrived! Doug and I got there early and got our seats.


The place was filling up!IMG_5099

The ceremony began!IMG_5104


Here comes the bride!IMG_5107


She looked beautiful!IMG_5111

I love this photo of her parents watching their daughter marry the love of her life. IMG_5112

Rogue ring bearer:

IMG_5117 IMG_5118IMG_5122

It was a beautiful ceremony.IMG_5126

I did a little video work….here are her vows…

Sarah’s Vows

and here are his vows:


Finally, THE KISS!

Pronounced Husband and Wife and the kiss.


They looked so happy!IMG_5130

Then there was a moment when their moms came together, hugged and exited the ceremony together. IMG_5132

Then we headed to the reception at NOLA Brewery.


Fred’s cake was peanut butter chocolate with BACON all over the top. Amazing.

Sarah’s cake was an elegant unfrosted beauty!

The Caterer were quite impressive – Honeybee Catering Nola did all the food. David Phillps is the EC. I am not kidding when I say this was THE BEST food I have ever had at a wedding. IMG_5138

Fresh Shucked Oysters and way more. I ate a lot.

Then the bridal party was introduced. IMG_5140

and Fred and Sarah got down!

My hot date:

Being silly….

I grabbed a quick photo with Fred before he was pulled in another direction. Smile

Congrats Sarah and Fred! I am so happy for you. The wedding was beautiful and amazing. I hope it was everything you dreamed of.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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