Monday, January 5, 2015

THINGS–an update

There are often things/photos I have that do not warrant their own blog post, so here they are as a list of things.

1. Doug bought 10 lbs. TEN POUNDS of peanuts and has been making his own peanut butter. 2014-09-20-07-46-07_IMG_5320All mine.

2. Then he started making his own popsicles (alcoholic and non alcoholic)2014-09-20-07-47-53_IMG_5323

3. A box of peppers my (amazing) parents gave to me. We ate a bunch, froze a bunch and cooked with a bunch. Thank you Mom and Dad!


4. Truth:


5. We live within walking distance to a snow ball stand. In the late fall we often walked to get snowballs. IMG_1745

6. I upgraded my glasses. SO fancy right? (before on the left)


Or maybe these are better?



7. Doug and I tried to make home made buscuits, but doug subbed bacon fat for butter. They were terrible!IMG_5589

8. I found a delicious healthy egg salad recipe


I also made a delicious breakfast casserole from one of my pinterest pins…IMG_5775

And some Potato crunch thing that I don’t think I cooked long enough. It was pretty good.


9. Adorable Kit getting his beauty sleep…


while Norm Second Lines….IMG_1847

10. Short ribs! I made these in a bag in the oven. SO GOOD.


and these were amazing…Honey Balsamic Chicken ThighsIMG_1906

Until tomorrow -

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Looks like you are becoming quite the cook!! Great job! Love you!