Thursday, February 19, 2015

Amanda and Brian’s Wedding Week [The Wedding Day and Night]

We woke up to the most beautiful day. What lucky kids they are…


This was the view from our suite. IMG_7325


Hair and makeup began at 9 am. Photographers and Videographers were on the scene soon after.IMG_7333


Then it was time to get dressed!IMG_7345

and she looked gorgeous!



Then off to the church we went….IMG_7365

Check out the cokes in the limo! This limo was picking up Amanda and Brian after wedding and taking them to the reception!IMG_7368

After a bit of waiting and Richards excursion, the ceremony began. DB took this photo of me:IMG_7369

Then the bride arrived!IMG_7374IMG_7375






Just like that, they were married!IMG_7398


I arrived at the reception with Eric an Jamie as Doug forgot he was suppose to bring me to the party. Silly guy.



The painter was awesome!IMG_7412

Here is the final version:10990791_10104256218256525_8425928619889281537_n

There was much dancing and partying, but I took very little photos. Their photographer, Chrisina, has many to share! I took this one off the FB. 1781660_10153097333434875_5507025104817496159_o

There are many to share later! Smile

Later that night, I helped breakdown the ballroom until about 2 am. Then I hung out with some LSU friends for a bit. Finally, I went to bed around 3. Doug had been sound asleep for hours. Lucky man.

The next morning, we grabbed breakfast with the new Mr. and Mrs.!IMG_7418

We said our goodbyes, helped them pack up the suite, and we were about to head out when I saw Brian’s car from the get away. IMG_7426

This was the only angle I can show online. Smile Dirty boys!

We drove back to Nola that Sunday. The whole weekend was busy, fun and beautiful. I hope it was exactly what Amanda wanted. What a weekend.

I can’t wait to hang out with Amanda’s parents again. They are awesome. Smile

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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