Friday, February 27, 2015

Babylon, Muses and Chaos

One of my favorite nights! I just love Muses. It is because of the shoes I am pretty sure. IMG_9305

We got all ready at the house. Sarah and Courtney arrived and we were off…well, not before a few action shots.


On the road!IMG_2038

We got down to the St. Charles area because of Doug’s mad driving skills. He really is amazing. We headed to Craig and Kathryn’s palace and had an absolute blast!


My favorite float…the Muses Shoe! IMG_9316

We had some awesome friends join us. Courtney and Sarah came with us, but we also had Steve, Jeff and Erin come to play! Kristian and Byron also showed up a bit later. I just love all those kids!IMG_9320

It was Courtney and Erin’s first time at Muses and they caught shoes!!IMG_9323

Lucky ladies. IMG_9324

My Aunt Donna rides and threw Doug and I two AMAZING shoes. IMG_9325

Jeff caught his style of shoe too!


IMG_9329 IMG_9330

You can tell we never have fun…Smile

Then Kristian caught this AMAZING BOOT! Check it out!IMG_2041

Another amazing Muses night over. I have officially decided I want to ride in Muses. I am putting it on my bucket list. Maybe I just want to make glittered shoes. I am not sure! I will do both (I hope)!!

Here are the beautiful shoes my Aunt threw me next to our Mardi Gras Tree. IMG_2042


Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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