Monday, February 9, 2015

New Years Eve 2014

In November, our friend Jacque (of the Jacque and Scott) invited us to a champagne dinner at Galatoire’s for New Years Eve. After about two seconds of discussion, we were in!

I went shopping and picked out a sparkly dress appropriate for New Years…


and was ready to go. Finally December 31 arrived. Doug had to work while I had a vacation day. I got all primped and once DB got home, we headed downtown. We got a rockstar parking spot next to Jacque and Scott’s place and headed to their condo where we found Zach and Eeva!

We had a quick visit with those cook kids before they headed home. Closer to 9 pm, we headed out, caught a cab, picked up the rest of our party and headed to the quarter. IMG_6666

Our Taxi driver was fantastic and got us right to the corner of Bourbon and Canal. We tipped him big and walked the few blocks to the restaurant. Boy, was it a packed, dirty, Bourbon Street.


We arrived, headed up to the private dining room where the Champagne Dinner was being held, found out seats and had a blast!IMG_6649

The funny part is that I really don’t like champagne so Doug had his fill…IMG_6650

I went to check out the view on Bourbon…IMG_6660


Then the delicious food started…

IMG_6667 IMG_6672

You can see how much I love food….IMG_6668

The food was delicious and the company was awesome!IMG_6671




We had so much fun…IMG_6679

The champagne never stopped…IMG_6681

Around 11:30 pm, we headed out to the balcony to get ready to celebrate the new year….


Doug kept checking the time for me.IMG_6692




We counted down and rang in the new year on the Bourbon Street balcony. What a night!. Here is the video (Warning – it is the whole minute countdown).

The Minute Countdown to midnight on NYE Bourbon Street NOLA!

At almost 1 am, we headed to the House of Blues for a drink. When we got there we found a VERY crowded bar and we did not stay long. The highlight was seeing Zach again!


I love that kid. After that decided to head back to Jacque and Scott’s place for a chocolate martini. There was some shoe changing hands, some piggy back rides and some barefoot walking that occurred.

Next up: NYE After party….

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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