Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mardi Gras! The first weekend!

For the record, I LOVE MARDI GRAS! I just do. I can’t help it. I just love parades. I love the dancing girls. I love the bands playing. I love the drum majors dancing. I love the beads. I love the ladders. I love the people in costumes. I love New Orleans Mardi Gras. I just do.

I got home Friday night from my NSM in Dallas, but made it home too late to go to any parades.

The next morning it was time for Pee-raids! We got dressed and headed uptown to hang out with Josh, Amber, Harper and Larson. IMG_1997

It was a beautiful day! IMG_20150207_170423

We watched Ponchartrain, Chocktaw and Sparta!IMG_20150207_170454

I got to wear my new gold shoes! Thanks DB!

That night Sparta and Pygmalion rolled. It was chilly, but we handled it!

The next day (Sunday) we headed out with Kim to see some friends and then enjoy the parades even more!


We found Kim’s buddies and hung out by the floats for a while. IMG_2003

They gave me some sweet beads!2015-mardi-gras_thumb

We had parked near Whole Foods and walked past Napoleon. What a hike. We found Josh and Harper and watched Carrollton and King Arthur with them.

Sarah and joined us and while her and Kim when to get burgers, Doug and I  walked down the street with Kristian and Byron and met some awesome new kids! Kathryn and Craig welcomed us and we hung out there for a while!

After a while we headed back to the spot, met up with Kim and Sarah, and ate a delicious burger.

After while Kim and Sarah headed out. Then Josh and Harper headed out so we went back to hang out with Kathryn and Craig. They are so fun. Here is Kathryn with her nieces.


and Doug photobombing in the background. Smile

Interestingly I had noticed their fence the night before because of it’s organzation:IMG_2009

How awesome is this?! When we met them the next day, I told them how I had loved their fence the night before. They, of course, were honored. ha.

Then we stayed with them through Alla and Femme Fatal to help decorate their fence. IMG_2010

A few days later (Wednesday), we headed back Uptown to see Druids and Nyx.


I have quite a few friends riding in Nyx so we waved at Lisa, Mary, Mary, Jamie and Julie. It was a fun night and we did catch some glittered and not-glittered purses. So awesome! (Again, we hung with Kathryn and Craig- did I mention they rock?!)

The following nice was Muses. Read about that tomorrow Smile

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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