Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Orleans Marathon–DB strikes again!

Sarah and I got up to go find Doug on the marathon route around mile 11.IMG_1981

This is the only proof that we were there as we MISSED DOUG! First marathon fail in history. I watched him on the mapping app as he got closer and closer. Then he was past us! WTH!


The photo above is from Esplanade. See, Doug, I was there!

Once we realized we missed him, we headed out to the lakefront. At this point, it was only the marathoners. The halfers were done. IMG_7435

We finally caught sight of him! I ran with him for a bit. Then we sat and waited for him to come back. In the mean time, I saw my buddy Kelly running so I ran with her for 2 miles or so.

I got to see DB for a bit again and then ran with Kelly more.

Doug’s final time was close to his Dopey time and Kelly’s time was just shy of 5 hours. I am proud of both of them!

Here are the photos they took of DB:


After the marathon, Doug, Sarah, John, Mary and I headed to the King Cake Festival. Boy, was it packed.

I cut most lines for cake and found a delicious croissant cake that I want to eat 500 of. We tried to get doug and king cake burger, but let’s just say it did not happen and it was my fault. We will get one this season!

After that pictureless busy fest, we headed home and got some rest. I was exhausted from chasing the runners! Smile

Special shout out to Jay for coming to run with DB. You rock.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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