Friday, February 13, 2015

Amanda’s Bachelorette Party!

Last month we celebrated Amanda’s last month of single life. We headed down to her parents camp for the weekend.

I am going to share the appropriate photos from the party.  Smile

We arrived on Friday evening (after driving through terrible fog) ready for a beverage. Sadly, I was very ill. Thank God Sarah was willing to drive me there.



We ate delicious burgers and chips for dinner. It was so good. IMG_6750

Check out Ang’s coozie! We have such good taste SmileIMG_6753

Later that night, we enjoyed a beautiful bonfire and truth or dare.


The next morning, we took our group photo with our adorable shirts.


The back of our shirts have numbers. Those numbers represent the number of years we have known Amanda. How cute?!?


We had a field day in the barn (because of the rain) and it was hilarious.


Later that night we got all gussied up, but before we headed out Amanda was given the amazing bridal veil.

IMG_6858  IMG_6863

What a hottie, right?!

Then we took a few group photos!




We headed out to a small burger joint and toasted Amanda individually.


Then we got back home and…IMG_6910

had a lingerie shower…


What fun we had! She got some great stuff!

The next morning we packed up and headed out. It was an amazing weekend. Jessie did an amazing job planning it. Ms. Liz was a fabulous host.

What. A Weekend.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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