Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Katie + Chris = Michigan Wedding of Awesomeness! Part 1

Many moons ago when I worked in Walt Disney World (in the Magic Kingdom), I made some dear friends. It just so happened one of these friends was getting hitched this past September in Michigan!

After a 2 minute discussion, Doug and I had decided we must attend! We booked our flights and patiently waited for the date to arrive

We arrived in Detroit late on a Thursday night after work. We grabbed a hotel room and crashed. The following morning we rented a car and drove 4 hours across the state to get to Traverse City. 2014-09-12-15-14-14_IMG_4879

Traverse City is on Lake Michigan and is the furthest North I have been in the US. (Previous to that Jackie and Pat held the record for me in Albany, NY only a few short years ago! Wait, I am completely lying. Seattle and Alaska are further north. Let’s say it the the furthest North I have been on the East side of the Mississippi!)2014-09-12-15-31-16_IMG_4882

Here I am pointing to where Traverse City can be found.

BOY WAS IT COLD THAT WEEKEND. Evidently, they had freakishly cold weather blow through. I was freezing!

We checked into the hotel, got ready, and headed to the Rehearsal Dinner. 2014-09-12-15-44-50_IMG_4883

It was apple season in the Midwest! So perfect! The apples were so good. 2014-09-12-15-45-08_IMG_48842014-09-12-15-45-26_IMG_48852014-09-12-15-45-34_IMG_4886

It was amazing to see my Katie


and to finally meet her Chris.2014-09-12-17-27-33_IMG_4896IMG_1805IMG_1806

The Rehearsal Dinner was amazing. So sweet – there was a slide show, toasts and great people everywhere!2014-09-12-19-54-09_IMG_4918

Courtney and Katie! Future sister-in-laws!


It was a lovely evening. I am so glad we could make it for the Rehearsal!

Next up, the wedding!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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