Wednesday, December 31, 2014

October Goals Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (posting on NYE 2014) It seems fitting that my NYE post includes my goals for 2014. Smile Enjoy!


I have some exciting news! As of October, DB got back on Fitbit! To prove I am awesomer than DB, I took this snapshot….see! No doug on the scoreboard.


ohh no…..There he is! See him at #11 coming to get me.


I watched this happen over a matter of days…now he is #4! Jerk.


Then, just like that is bumped me out of my top spot and I have yet to gain a spot over him since.


It only took him 4 days to come back and whip my bootie on FB. Such a jerk. Then he went above and beyond and beat Smiley.


He had purchased a jawbone and since then has gotten the new Fitbit Surge. It is pretty freaking sweet. Keep on Rocking DB!

Back to me!

I am looking good on my Fitbit 10k steps per day goal for the year. This is the best I have ever done on keeping a New Years Resolution. I am excited to meet my goal!october fitbit numbers 1

As you can see I had 358,882 steps, but my goal was 310,000.

Looking good! I am so pumped.

As for weight loss, I lost almost 4 lbs in the month. That is ALWAYS welcome. (Sadly, I am about the same weight now – I need to get back on it.)october fitbit numbers 2

Additionally, I have tracked all my food since May and I have not had to pay $5 yet.

That is my update for now Smile (I am writing this on December 11 and I hope the January update will show a weight loss!)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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