Tuesday, December 9, 2014

[California Adventure] San Francisco 2

As soon as we left Alex at Pixar, we headed to hang out with Sara, Mac and Wyatt!


We went to a beer garden in Emeryville to visit with the adorable family. Sara also went to college with Doug, but was introduced through their architecture friends. They are super awesome!


We got to hang out with them for a few hours, discuss the house prices in the area (WOAH) and generally catch up. We had not seen them since Nick and Mara’s wedding.

We headed back to San Fran proper and headed out for some Ghirardelli Chocolate! It was a Saturday night, so the Ice Cream Parlor had a line out the door and around the corner. We decided to pass and walk into another area/store on the complex. Lucky us! They had no line and served all the same drinks!2014-08-30-00-50-31_IMG_5051_thumb

Doug got some chocolate on chocolate bombshell and I pad wayyyy to much for a chocolate covered strawberry. 2014-08-30-00-50-39_IMG_5052_thumb

We headed in for the night with big plans for the next day!

We woke up and headed to the bike rental shop. Doug needed to get his training run in and I decided to go with him on a bike.

We got my bike and headed down the path to the most famous bridge in California…


There are some intense hills on the way there. On the hills I was super slow and doug clearly outran me. Jerk.

We paused to take some photos half way up. 2014-08-30-10-19-10_IMG_4422_thumb

We finally got to the bridge and we made it a 1/4 of the way across when I felt my bike doing something funny…I looked down…OH NO2014-08-30-10-47-03_IMG_4431_thumb

Flat tire! LAME. So I told Doug to finish the run and took this photo…2014-08-30-10-31-43_IMG_4424_thumb

Then I tried to roll my bike off the bridge, but as the inner tube had come out a few steps in it stopped rolling. I HAD TO CARRY THE BIKE…ACROSS THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE…

I got a few steps in and some very nice tourist offered to help me. It was 3 ladies from the UK in on holiday. They each took turns helping me carry the heavy bike. They got me to the end of the path and I thanked them profusely. 2014-08-30-10-47-05_IMG_4432_thumb

I sat on this concrete block and waited for DB to come back across the bridge as I called the bike rental store. They said it would be 40 minutes. LAME.

A little while later doug came running up…

see him:2014-08-30-10-58-03_IMG_4445_thumb


We posed for some photos as we waited for my new bike. Poor DB was getting cold by the time they got back from not moving around, but he powered through. 2014-08-30-11-03-41_IMG_4450_thumb

Once the new bike came we headed back to the city. We stopped in a beautiful park to rest and take some photos. 2014-08-30-11-47-38_IMG_4453_thumb


We finally got back to the hotel and we were starving! We headed into the Italian area and found an AMAZING lunch at Rose Pistola. Then we headed across the street and grabbed pastries from La Boulange and OMG. I am in love with their raisin roll. It was the most amazing pastry I have EVER had. Even better than (dare I say it….) Paris! Not kidding.

I might have purchased two more the next day and savored them slowly.

The next day we headed down south to meet my Mom, Dad, Ashley, Andrew, Alex and Janice in San Diego!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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