Thursday, December 18, 2014

Katie + Chris = Michigan Wedding of Awesomeness! Part 3

The pre-reception was held in the barn. It was perfectly rustic!

2014-09-13-15-00-20_IMG_5047 (2)2014-09-13-15-00-21_IMG_5048 (2)

We decorated Jenga cubes and enjoyed the appetizers!2014-09-13-15-16-01_IMG_5055 (2)


I loved the dessert bar! I think I might have eaten a cookie before dinner, but don’t tell!2014-09-13-15-20-23_IMG_5064


Then we headed down the hill and into the dinner tent!2014-09-13-15-56-09_IMG_5070

After dinner headed out to the ceremony spot for some sunset photos…2014-09-13-17-38-31_IMG_5085


We found Katie and Chris doing the same thing!



They were so adorable!2014-09-13-17-50-47_IMG_51322014-09-13-17-52-02_IMG_5140

Then they were announced and the real party started!


We have a few pauses to warm up my feet, but then I was good to go!


We danced the night away and finished it off with a sparkler exit!



I just adore Chris’s sister, Courtney! We hit it off and hung out for a bit. I wish she lived closer too!2014-09-13-20-03-52_IMG_5318

My hot date and I ended up at the after party for a bit. What a blast! I wish it had never ended. 2014-09-13-23-33-51_IMG_5061_1

Later we got the photo booth photos back! Enjoy!

pbkc-9 (1)

pbkc-13 (1)


pbkc-251 (1)

Katie and Chris, thank you for inviting us! We had a blast and we were honored to watch you tie the knot. I can’t wait to see you both in January!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. Y'all are so cute. The venue looked beautiful. So rustic and pretty. And your legs in the sunset photo of you and Doug look amazing. Courts out.

  2. So pretty! What a beautiful setting and bride & groom of course =) (Although, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see a single photo booth photo wishing death by car fire...) ~Jackie

  3. Thanks Courts!! It was a beautiful wedding indeed!
    Jack - car fires are OUR thing! :D That did make me laugh out loud though.